Saturday, December 13, 2008

More interesting pictures!

well since my horses seem to be very evenly coloured, and therefore both boring and perfectly fine and healthy, I have had to look further afield for horses that are injured or suspect, just to give me some reference material, and allow me to work the gear a little harder.

I have booked a very interesting problem with a young horse for tomorrow afternoon, having already seen the Xrays of this particular horse, its going to be very interesting to see what I can 'see'. I also have a few racehorses next week including an injured one to look over, so some more interesting things are going to come up.
Today I ran the camera over a couple of racehorses. These horses are in full work, not too far off racing and in complete apparent health, it was only of interest to me they were looked at.

Fantastically for me these horses are very different under the Camera than a bunch of molly-coddled sport horses (mine)
This was me playing with the software on the first picture taken. I think its really cool that I can draw a line, or a box and have it tell me the highest and lowest temperatures along (or in) it.
Clearly this horse was pretty warm, but the spread of heat is fairly excessive over the majority of the body.
However this is the same horse on the other side!
This is a pretty neat picture of the blood flow just under the skin. This is a particularly thin skinned TB.
Here I have dialled out the majority of the heat, so I get a true image of the actual area's showing excess heat. The red spot half way up his shoulder is a laceration.
I found this particularly interesting, I will do weekly follow ups on this horse to see if anything comes of it, or if it was merely a black horse in the sunlight radiating more heat on one side.
Here is his front legs, there was one red spot on the leg that showed on both sides, will keep an eye on that too, noticing the blue area on the cannon bone I was a little (or a lot!) concerned, however it was where he had just wiped half his dinner up his leg......his dinner was clearly cold!

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  1. Very cool, I love it! Keep blogging!
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